Crouchland Biogas Planning Appeal sessions are in progress

From the desk of Josef Ransley: Crouchland Biogas Planning Appeal sessions are in progress

2 responses to “Crouchland Biogas Planning Appeal sessions are in progress

  1. Crouchland Biogas is an unfortunate example of business practice. It paid no heed to community interests in its inception and operation. I find it surprising and disappointing that The RH Andrew Tyrie supported it with grants – perhaps he will justify this action?


  2. This is just a game to the Crouchland organisation, as they know full well that they are in the wrong but it’s just greed for money.
    If they had any humility, they should consider the local community and should have kept their organisation to their original plan using what was on their own farm and not transporting this muck into the farm from all over the countryside.
    The local lanes are not meant for this type of vehicle or the volume. In order to turn into and out of Foxbridge Lane, they have to go onto the other side of the road, making oncoming traffic stop to allow for their turning circle.
    The local people used to walk their dogs along the lane, but now it is not safe for anyone on foot or bicycle or on horseback. I noticed that the barrister for Crouchland stated that because there had not been any accidents reported, the lanes must be safe! We all agree that because there has not been any recorded accidents this does not make something safe. People are not using the lane as they used to because they do not feel safe and perhaps this can be discussed during the current planning discussions.
    Well done to all the residents who support the council and hope that the planning application will not be granted. We hope to be able to say that justice has been served. We can then use the lanes to safely cycle, ride, walk our children and dogs once again.

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