On June 9th, this man could be Prime Minister


After watching Andrew Neil’s interview of Jeremy Corbyn on Friday evening and listening to Corbyn’s speeches throughout the past week, we cannot risk giving Corbyn and his version of the Labour Party the keys to No. 10.

Neil: The former head of the IRA said, “Jeremy Corbyn never wanted peace…. He wanted an IRA victory

Neil: “We’ve looked through 56 pro-IRA events you attended…and not once did you ask that they stop their bombing campaign…”

Neil: “The chief negotiator for peace in Northern Ireland said “Jeremy Corbyn contributed nothing towards peace, being a fanatical supporter of the IRA only..”

It is shocking that Corbyn, who actively supported a terrorist organisation that targeted both British soldiers and civilians (including children), could be in a position to become Prime Minister.

Anyone who thinks the old grandfather act Corbyn has perfected over the years, as an opportunistic cover when difficult questions are being asked about his record, makes him fit to be in charge of our defences in two weeks’ time has taken leave of their senses. He has an instinctive tendency, as a radical socialist, to support our enemies and point the finger of accusation at Britain in particular and the West in general.

In the interests and safety of the British people, on Thursday, June 8th vote for Theresa May, Vote Conservative.


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