NHS privatisation? – get the facts

‘Privatisation of the NHS’ is simply fearmongering in the runup to the General Election. Take the time to read the Naylor Review (Mar 2017)about making better use of NHS real estate – an independent report for the Secretary of State for Health.

The Review sets out to develop a new NHS estate strategy, which supports release £2bn of assets for reinvestment and to deliver land for 26,000 new homes by “an effective programme of interventions in high value propositions in London, this could significantly increase the property receipts to a figure exceeding £5bn in the longer term.”

… develop a robust capital investment plan for the NHS… This should maximise value for money and make a strong case for securing both the public and private investment the NHS needs.
Theresa May has already acted on some of the recommendations by:
  • creating a new NHS Property Board;
  • making a £325 million capital investment over the next 3 years to develop local Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) – as announced in this year’s Budget;
  • developing an incentive scheme to guarantee that proceeds of sales are available for reinvestment.

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