Avoid a Coalition of Chaos and an inevitable spiralling spend, spend, spend and borrow economy. Contact any of the following Conservative candidates in the UK Parliamentary Election and offer your support or help with canvassing sessions. Click the hyperlink for their contact details. Share with your friends and family. Let’s have The Right Momentum!



Brentford and Isleworth 465 vote majority for Labour Mary Macleod


Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven 690 vote majority – Conservative Simon Kirby

Facebook: kirbys

Crawley 6526 vote majority – Conservative Henry Smith


Hastings and Rye 4796 vote majority – Conservative Amber Rudd
Hove and Portslade 1236 vote majority – Labour Kristy Adams


Facebook: KristyAdamsHove

Islington North 29,659 vote majority – Labour James Clark


Facebook: jamesclark4islingtonnorth

Plymouth, Moor View 1026 vote majority – Conservative Johnny Mercer


Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport 523 vote majority – Conservative Oliver Colvile


Portsmouth South 5241 vote majority – Conservative Flick Drummond


Reading East 6520 vote majority – Conservative Rob Wilson
Reading West 6650 vote majority – Conservative Alok Sharma
South Swindon 5785 vote majority – Conservative Robert Buckland
Southampton, Itchen 2316 vote majority – Conservative Royston Smith


Facebook: roystonsmithsoton

Southampton, Test 3810 vote majority – Labour Paul Holmes
Westmorland and Lonsdale 8949 vote majority – Lib.Dem. James Airey


Facebook: jamesaireyconservative

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