Corbyn’s moral failings bar him from No 10

An article and comment everyone should read before 8th June. The Telegraph: by
J Harrison 4 Jun 2017 12:32PM –

I started work at age 18 in 1962 & I well remember the disastrous labour governments of Wilson et al. I remember Britain effectively being governed by the unions, I remember the seemingly endless strikes, the “I’m all right Jack” attitude, (see the prescient & brilliant Peter Sellers 1959 film of the same name for an uncannily accurate portrayal of life at the time), the winter of discontent, rampant inflation, “Labour isn’t Working“, eye wateringly high unemployment figures, British Leyland & ‘Red Robbo’, the disastrously inefficient nationalised industries and the devaluation of the pound leading to Wilson’s infamous & patronising “pound in your pocket” speech.

Then we had the inability of Heath to stand up to the emboldened union’s abuses of power leading to the three day week and constant power cuts, the EU description of Britain as, “the sick man of Europe“, then Wilson again, then Callaghan, (an even worse, ineffectual PM), the 1976 UK financial crisis and the Labour government’s emergency ‘cap in hand’ application to the International Monetary Fund for a loan of nearly $4 billion to stave off bankruptcy.

Then came Margaret Thatcher who alone had the backbone to stand up to the union abuses of power and enacted a fair balance of trade union legislation to ensure that never again would the undemocratic unions usurp the democratically elected government of the day. After some bitter but necessary conflicts, civil order was eventually restored, the economy was turned around and economic stability eventually also restored. Privatisation of the former stagnating nationalised industries provided the capital for development and modernisation and shared the wealth. Unfortunately Maggie then had her own serious problems which led to John Major’s Conservative government which proved pretty incompetent, committing to the disastrous ERM experiment which led to ‘Black Wednesday’.

That led us to 1997 and I remember the utter feeling of dread on the day that someone I personally regarded at the time as a lying, deluded, opportunist spiv came to power and the great ‘New Labour’ experiment was born and we all know where that led with Gordon ‘Prudence’ Brown selling off half of the UK’s gold reserves at the 20 year nadir of the market, (at c. $275 an ounce, and not only that, but stupidly announcing it in advance…), to pay for the usual socialist profligate and ineffectual spending programme. That squandered gold would today be worth over 4½ times what it was then.

Then in 2003 we were taken to war in Iraq on a barefaced lie about the existence of Saddams ‘weapons of mass destruction’, (remember the ludicrous “45 minutes from doom” speech by Blair?). The Iraq invasion arguably grossly inflamed the already serious terrorism situation following 9/11 by being seen as a ‘war on Muslims’ and led to the birth of Daesh, setting the stage for the situation we are in at the moment in Paris, Manchester, London etc.

I well remember Jeremy Corbyn from very early in his career and I remember his clear support of the IRA, (who killed one of my civilian colleagues) and his refusal to condemn their acts of terrorism, not to mention his support of Hezbollah and Hamas: “It will be my pleasure and my honour to host an event in parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking… I’ve also invited friends from Hamas” (Extract from a speech to the Stop the War Coalition, 2009).

Corbyn’s support & succour for terrorist groups sickened & angered me at the time and undoubtedly emboldened them to commit further atrocities – for such traitorous and amoral acts against the state and humanity Corbyn would have been shot in one of his beloved communist countries.

That’s the backdrop I have personally experienced – I was there! Those who have neither studied nor experienced the past and/or who have never learned from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

If Corbyn is elected, all of the obvious, opportunistic back-pedalling on his pacifist, communist & terrorist supporting principles will vanish, the re-nationalisation program will start, the trade union legislation will be repealed, the Trident deterrent will go, and this country will be back once more to the 1970’s. If I believed in God, I’d say: “God help us all“, but I fear it would take more than an imaginary deity…

Could the electorate be so stupid as to believe this terrorist supporting clueless closet communist’s hot-air bogus promises?

Of course they could – just look at the US… As for his pacifist principles, I’m just glad he wasn’t in power in 1939. I’m with Hilaire Belloc when he wrote: “Pale Ebenezer thought it wrong to fight, but Roaring Bill, (who killed him), thought it right“. Most students grow out of their idealistic half-baked views as their intellect matures, but Corbyn’s development seems to have arrested at the point where he’s a version of Neil, the dim-witted hippy in “The Young Ones“.

So yes, Simon is perfectly right – Corbyn is morally and intellectually inadequate and unsuited to lead the UK, but are the British electorate intelligent enough to see it?

As the saying goes: “It’s the economy, stupid“.

If the economy prospers then the wealth is created to invest in better services and for all to share in greater prosperity, but if the economy fails as it did through all Labour’s disastrous terms in office, then everyone and every service suffers as a consequence.

Can any sane person really think that the economy will prosper under Corbyn?

Entrepreneurs and captains of industry that create the country’s wealth and employment, (such as James Dyson), will look at Labour’s past record and economic proposals and start to make plans to export jobs by moving their manufacturing facilities abroad, (as did James Dyson…).

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