Power Cuts: If you have a power cut do the following –

  1. Check with your neighbours: Check if any of your neighbours or the other houses in your street have lost power.  If they have, it’s likely that the fault is with the local network.
  2. Check your fuses and trip switches: Check your trip switches or fuses to see if these have cut your power.
  3. Check your appliances: If you think you have a fault with your appliances, fusebox or wiring you’ll need a qualified electrician and shouldn’t try to repair it yourself.
  4. Make a phone call: If you’ve checked your fuses or trip switches and your appliances and wiring are not faulty, you should report the power cut to the local network operator:

Southern Electric Power Distribution Emergencies: 0800 072 7282; General Enquiries: 0800 048 3516

Flooding and Electricity: http://www.ssepd.co.uk/FloodingAndElectricity/#

SCOTTISH_AND_SOUTHERN_ENERGYScottish and Southern Electric
Southern Water – Billing & account T: 0845 272 0845Water & waste water T: 0845 278 0845

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